QIMA Affiliate Program

Refer clients to QIMA and earn 8% on all paid services!

Program Details

The QIMA Affiliate Program is an opportunity to help your visitors secure their imports and improve product quality while rewarding you for your efforts. Affiliates direct traffic to the QIMA website, and our system tracks and pays 8% in commission on all paid services per client referred for three years from the referred client’s first order.

The payout commission depends on paid audits, inspections and lab tests. Depending on the location and service performed, inspections and audits start at $309 and go up to $1,149 per man-day. On average, our affiliates refer hundreds of clients per year and earn thousands. This is one of the best ways to monetize traffic while playing a direct hand in protecting your visitors.

QIMA does all the work. Simply put the QIMA - approved marketing material on your website, and for all traffic that comes to our site, creates an account, books, and pays you earn.

In addition to the commission, the QIMA logo lets your visitors know you care about product and consumer safety. Anyone with a relevant website and interest in securing the supply chain is eligible to join. Please note that your application is not guaranteed acceptance as we are not able to accept all applicants.

Terms and Conditions

How it works?

Links & Banners
Inform visitors on your website that you protect your customers with QIMA Quality Control Services. Link to any page on our site and automatically earn!

Send an informative newsletter to your customers, clients, or business partners letting them know you care about product safety. Anyone who reads and comes to our site and books, you earn!