Product Quality

Protect your brand image with our comprehensive range of quality management solutions that minimize the risk of product defects and verify that specifications have been met.

Sell Your Products With Confidence

QIMA provides assurance that your products are safe and high quality before they reach your customers. Our quality control services extend across the full range of consumer goods categories including hardlines, softlines, toys, electronics and food. We help to identify defects, validate your specifications and verify product safety with inspectors trained to your business' requirements, ensuring that your products are right every time.

Product Inspections

Verify product quality at all stages of production.


Remote Inspections

Ensure the quality of your products remotely.


Sample Picking

Select items from your factory for reference or lab testing.


Remote Sample Approval

Remotely review samples while a QIMA inspector is onsite.


Video Inspections

Watch the inspection taking place at your factory.


Quality Assurance

Expert guidance throughout the manufacturing process.