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CE Compliance for Products Sold in EU Countries

CE Compliance for Products Sold in EU Countries

The CE mark is required for many products to be sold in the EU, however, manufacturers are solely responsible for understanding the requirements for their products and ensuring compliance.

This quick guide will give insight on :

  • What the CE mark means
  • Which products require the CE mark
  • EU Directives and the requirements they place on products
  • The rules and guidelines for displaying the CE mark on products
  • Key considerations for importers
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What is the CE Mark?

The CE mark is a manufacturer’s way of declaring that a product meets essential health, safety, and environmental protection standards as defined in the New Approach directives of the European Union.

The EU Directives outline the specific standards for a particular product and whether the CE mark is required. Not all products require the CE mark, and manufacturers are prohibited from displaying the CE mark on products that do not require it.

Download our Quick Guide to learn more about the requirements of the CE mark and discover valuable insights to ensure your products are compliant.

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